JCP Meevo Employee Login Portal

JCP Meevo is an internet portal designed for JCP personnel and its customers. Meevo or JCP Associate Kiosk is an ‘on-the-go website’ that is widely available to cellular phones and PCs and computer systems to assist shop time and growth efficiency.

Serving at JCPenney is exciting and very satisfying as the American retailer offers a wide range of benefits to JCPenney employees to appreciate. JCPenney focuses on providing an incredible working community in spite of the unique range of representative benefits, benefits, and limitations of its employees.

JCPenney Employee Benefits is helping the chain by creating a respectable work ethic with strong management to improve its business standards. JCPenny has its associate Login portal at JCPenney Associate Kiosk where Associates manage the employees.

JCP Meevo 

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Requirements For Using JCP Meevo Portal

One needs to have the following items to use the JCP Meevo Employee portal:

  • JCP Meevo portal Login details for employees
  • One must be an active employee of the JCP Meevo portal.
  • JCP Meevo portal  employee ID card
  • A computer, laptop, or cell phone with good internet connection speed.
jcp meevo

JCP Meevo Login  – Step-by-step Procedure

For Employees:

To sign in to JCP Meevo, you will need to follow the steps below:

  • Head to the official portal of JCPenny.
  • You will be directed to their contact page where you need to click on the first tab ‘Associate Kiosk @ Home.
  • Once you click on it you will find a login page that will ask for your username and password.
  • Enter the details and click the ‘Login’ button.
  • You also have the option to ‘change your password or reset your password to the left of the sign-in page.

For Clients:

The JCPenny customer sign-in process will be the same as above, but specific details will be provided by the company.

Benefits of JCP Meevo Login Portal 

  • It enables the associates to check and schedule their working hours and schedules. It is likewise beneficial for them to change shifts with different associates.
  • Take a look at updates and find solutions to paying stub-associated questions. Employees can print their lead credentials or copies of their W2.
  • Highly secure password reset options.
  • Find out about salary, eligibility benefits, information, news, and updates for modern organizations and organizational policies.
  • Review of awards and reputation of JCP staff.
  • Clinical Programs and Doctor’s Manual: JCPenney offers a number of alternatives to the clinical service program to provide quality considerations at a variety of levels and to help manage the costs of conventional medicine and medications.
  • Dentistry and Vision: JCPenney’s dental and visionary programs offer the opportunity to browse a large number of providers, by acknowledging additional benefits without traditional inclusion.
  • Visual Medical Visits: JCPenney partners can use their clinical service from the comfort of their own homes to detect non-non-crisis ailments.
  • Life and AD&D Insurance: JCPenney offers a comprehensive organization that pays for Life Insurance strategy. Partners alike have the opportunity to purchase additional health coverage, in addition to a few options for deliberate access to a health plan for spouses and teens.

Reset your JCP Meevo password 

If there are problems with js JCPenney meevo logged in, check that the password and username are spelled correctly. Also, you can contact customer support and ask for help. If you do not remember your personal data, use the “Forgot Password” button.

If you have forgotten your password or are having trouble signing in to my Meevo login, please do the following:

Step 1: Click here to go to their official website and click on ‘Associate Kiosk @ Home Reset Reset. You will be redirected to the Forgot Password page.

Step 2: Enter your employee ID in the appropriate input bar and click the ‘Search’ button. You will be directed to the next page where you have to answer security questions.

Step 3: Answer all 3 security questions and click on ‘continue’. Once the page is verified, you will be redirected to the ‘Agree Terms’ page. Check the ‘I Agree to button and click ‘Continue’.

Step 4: You will be notified that ‘Change your password. Enter your new password and confirm the password in the correct input field.

Visit the website again and log in again with your new password.


If you’re having the hassle of logging in to the Meevo Jcp portal, then there are probably a few troubles that you need to take care of. Read the subsequent facts and alternate the issue in step if you are dealing with a hassle apart from forgetting your details and password.

While people hardly need to follow troubleshooting instructions to solve a problem, you need certain conditions. Go through the troubleshooting points, given below:

  • An effective and reliable internet connection is very important that you need. If not, there may be other unexpected errors such as timeouts.
  • Make sure your details are well-typed. Check your password twice if necessary.
  • Close your caps lock if your password is all small.
  • Ensure you clear your cache before accessing the website if you are having problems.
  • Turn off any VPN service if you are using one. Many sites restrict the use of VPN and you may not be able to access the site if you are connected to a VPN network.
  • In case you are not using any VPN and feature a very good connection, you can have forgotten your password. 
  • If problems still arise, and you are unable to access your account, you should contact us for assistance.


That’s all you need to know about the Meevo Jcp portal. We’ve shared detailed information about the Meevo staff site, Meevo JCP benefits, the JCP Meevo login guide, and how you can reset passwords. We also share important links to the Meevo Jcp portal login site, which will help you access your account quickly and easily. 

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